Diving involves lives. Here in Divejohor we emphasise on safety and precautions. Nonetheless, our Dive Pros are always by your side to train you, monitor and to look after you in and out of the waters. Having such years in the field, we will always advice, pick and motivate only the best for your needs. "The Buddy System" will be essential as we look after eachother. 

Mark Rahman



Master 500 GT  Maritime 

Gas Blender   

Emergency   First   Aid   Responder    Instructor 

IHMP Diving First Aid Instructor 

Sub Aquatic Fitness Assessment Assessor 

 Ocean  Conservationist 

Sea  Shepherd   Dive   Coral   Propagation   Trainer   

Safety Diver  for

Marco Polo Production   Solo   Production  

Marine Specialist  for 

Ni Ihau   Production 

Safety   Diver  Tian   Huo   Production

Marine Mechanic

General   Operators   Cert   GDMSS 

Scuba Equipment Technician 

25   Years active   teaching   

245   years Mariner 

Diver since 1989 

Dives 11 k

Done 2000 certifications 

Speaks German English and Bahasa




Kenny Kang



Executive in Sembcorp Marine (Hull Structure) since 2007

Deck Officer in NOL since 1999

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Director of Divejohor since 2012


Working in the Diving Industry since 2012
Speaks: Mandarin, Bahasa, English

Diver Certified 200++

 Lives in Johor Bahru


Open Water Scuba Instructor 

Go-to person for inquiries   &  Dive Pros' bookings.

Sales Executive   since 2015.

Working in the Diving Industry since 2015.


Speaks: Bahasa and English 
Lives in Johor Bahru


Manager   Finance 

Heart   of the Shop 

Marks   Wife  

Open   Water   Diver 

Working   Experience 

20   Years   with   Silk Air  and   SIA   

Speaks   English   Bahasa   and   basic   Mandarin


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